God Will Never Give Up on You.

Years ago my son Jonathan, who was 3 or 4 at the time, got lost in a hotel. He loved to push the button for the elevator, and on this particular day, he ran ahead of me down the hall. I called after him, “Now Jonathan, wait for Dad! I’m almost there.” Just as I turned the corner, I saw the doors of the elevator close with Jonathan inside, alone. I panicked and pushed every button until finally the elevator . . . read more ›

Sin: It Starts With a Thought.

Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist everything except temptation.” That’s the problem with temptation. It’s so tempting. But sometimes we unnecessarily put ourselves in the way of it. In the Old Testament, we find the story of Joseph, someone who faced some heavy-duty temptation. Joseph’s world suddenly changed when his brothers sold him to a group of traveling slave traders. Overnight he went from a life of relative comfort to a life of uncertainty. Joseph was sent to Egypt, a . . . read more ›

Fail Forward

I wasn’t raised in the church, which means that I never really knew about a God who loved me, cared about me and had a plan for my life. I heard it here and there, but it never seemed to penetrate my youthful mind until one day in 1970 when I heard the gospel articulated a way that I understood. And I believed in Jesus Christ. Just to think that God in heaven cared about me, loved me and had . . . read more ›

How to Conquer a Giant in Your Life

We all have giants that we face in life, things that may seem like insurmountable problems. It may be something we’re afraid of or something we’re under the power of. It may be something that seems to always loom large and never stop bothering us. Maybe you overcame this giant for a week or even a month and thought you had victory. And then it came back with a vengeance and brought you down. In the Bible we find the . . . read more ›

Why Christians are Persecuted.

During a period in church history from A.D. 100 to 314, literally thousands and thousands of courageous Christian men, women and even children sealed their fate with their blood. Secular historians agree that there were 10 great persecutions against the church, 10 major attempts to wipe out Christianity, starting with the wicked Caesar Nero and ending with Diocletian. Believers were fed alive to wild animals. They were taken to Roman arenas for sport. They were torn apart. They were tortured. . . . read more ›