Famous Last Words: What Jesus’ Words in Death Reveal About His Life

For every person, there will come a last meal, a last breath, and of course a last statement. In many ways, what we say in the end can be an insight into what we were in life, what we stood for, lived for. Sometimes people don’t know that they are uttering their last words. Michael Jackson, leaving practice for his “This Is It” concert, said, “This is it. . . . This really is it!” Sadly, he died shortly after . . . read more ›

Christmas Story for Kids

I recently shared the Christmas story with my grandkids. Please share this with your kids and grandkids this week. Merry Christmas!

What We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is upon us, and we have so much to be thankful for. Cathe and I made a short video sharing what some of those things are for us this year. Watch it below: Happy Thanksgiving, and feel free to let me know what you’re thankful for in the comments!