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What Happens to Children When They Die?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 Posted in sermons | 6 Comments »

Someone asked this question on my Facebook page.

“My family lost our 14 month old daughter on June 2 this year and so my question is, what happens to babies when they die? I believe they go to heaven, but as I was reading that people in heaven know about what is happening here on earth, do babies know what is going on? Do they have someone guiding them? Seeing that she was so young, how will she know? “

My response-

Thanks for your question.
I am so very sorry that your daughter left you so soon.
This must be heartbreaking for you and your family.
But Michael, I have good news:
You daughter is in heaven.
Jesus said “Let the little ones come to me for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).
I believe when children die, they go into God’s presence.
When King David’s child died, he said “ I will go to him one day, but he cannot return to me” (2 Samuel 12:23 NLT).
Yes Michael, if you have put your faith in Christ, you will go to your daughter one day and be reunited with her.
You do not have to worry about your daughter knowing what is going on, as you asked, for Scripture teaches when we arrive in heaven we will know far more than we do now.
The Bible says, “Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.”
(1 Corinthians 13:12 NLT)
When you arrive in heaven, your daughter will recognize you and you her.
As far as someone guiding her, the answer is yes.
Jesus is, and she is safe with Him.
Hope that helps.

Check Out This Article from the Christian Post about a Message I Just Gave on the Afterlife.

Monday, July 30th, 2012 Posted in sermons | 3 Comments »

Greg Laurie: People in Heaven Know What’s Happening on Earth

By Alex Murashko, Christian Post Reporter
July 30, 2012|6:55 am
After the death of his son four years ago, evangelist Greg Laurie became a lot more interested in heaven, he said during his sermon at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., Sunday.

“Earlier this week was the four-year mark of the death of my son and that event changed my life,” Laurie said. “I’ve never studied more about heaven like I have the last four years. The other topic is on hope.

“You can say that I am a student on [the subjects] of heaven and hope. I didn’t say I was an expert on heaven and hope. I still have a lot to learn.”

Christopher Laurie, who served as the art director at Harvest, was killed on July 24, 2008 at the age of 33 when his vehicle crashed into the back of a Caltrans truck on a freeway in Corona, Calif. He was on his way to Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside.

Laurie’s wife, Cathe, who wrote on her husband’s blog recently that she struggles to explain her grief, also stated: “Four years ago today, at 9:01 am, my firstborn son Christopher left this world and was ushered in (as Elizabeth Elliot so beautifully put it) ‘Through Gates of Splendor.'”

Laurie preached that he is not the only one fascinated with the topic of the afterlife. “There are a lot of books that have been written on this subject. If you go over to Amazon right now and type in the word ‘heaven’ you’ll find 200,000 options ranging from books to music to different things that you could purchase about the subject of heaven.

Follow us

“My belief is everything I need to know about heaven is found in the pages of the Bible,” he said.

Laurie’s message on Sunday was a continuation of the series he is doing on the book of Revelation. He asked by way of the title of his sermon, “What do people in heaven know about what is going on here on earth and do they even care?”

“There are two trains of thought on this topic. For some it would seem like that once we’re in heaven we will be so preoccupied with worshipping God that the last thing in our mind would be what’s happening on earth – besides, with all the tragedy and sadness in this world, heaven would just not be heaven if we were made aware of it,” Laurie described.

“Then, the other train of thought is pretty much the opposite of that. People would think that folks up in heaven are sitting and watching our every move almost like it’s their form of entertainment,” he said. “They would even think that sometimes those in heaven might be intervening in our lives and directing our steps and helping us to know what to do.”

Laurie added, “You might be surprised to know that I believe both views are actually incorrect.”

“The question might be well, why would you even care about this? The answer is you will care if you have a loved one in heaven,” he said.

Pointing to scripture found in Revelation, Luke chapters 15 and 16, Laurie explained that he believes that people in heaven have knowledge of what is happening on earth.

“Let me take it a step further. I think people in heaven know a lot more about earth than we may realize,” he said.

“People in eternity are aware of the fact that loved ones are not saved. This is based on Luke 16 … In the afterlife we are the same person with real memories of earth. You will know more in heaven than you will on earth, not less. We don’t all get a collective lobotomy when we go to glory.”

A second point he made during the sermon is that when people come to believe in Jesus it’s “public knowledge in heaven.”

“There is joy in heaven whenever one person repents,” he said. “Whenever someone turns to God on earth they break out in applause in heaven.”

His third point about heaven is that people there know about the time and place of events on earth as evidenced by passages in Revelation.

“I bring this up because people say that when you are in heaven you are not aware of time. We are just worshipping forever. That may sound appealing to some, but very scary to others, because you know what that sounds like? A really long church service,” said Laurie, to laughter from the congregation.

“Heaven is not going to be a long boring church service. There will be worship and plenty of it, but the Bible says that we are going to serve the Lord. We will be working for the Lord. So, if you have ADD don’t freak out. There’s going to be a lot for you to do. Just trust God on this,” he said.

Again, pointing to verses in the Bible, he added as a fourth point that there will be a connection between those in heaven and those on earth. Those in heaven will be aware of the spiritual status of their loved ones.

Laurie, who is well known for holding large stadium events, will be one of the speakers during a message on August 5 to volunteers and those interested in helping with the Harvest Ministry events held at Angels and Dodgers stadiums later in the month. One of the outreach events called Harvest America, is planned to be broadcast to more than 1,300 venues, including churches and other facilities.


This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County

Saturday, July 28th, 2012 Posted in sermons | 2 Comments »

Some of the most often asked questions by believers are-
What do people in heaven know about what is happening here on earth?
What will we do in heaven?
What about all these books written by people who claim to have gone to heaven and return? Can they be trusted?
When do we get glorified bodies as Christians?
Who are the 144,000 people mentioned in the Book of Revelation?
These are all significant questions that will be answer tomorrow at Harvest Riverside and Orange County in my message “What Heaven Knows about Earth.”
You can join us in person or watch live at

Do you want to Change your Life?

Friday, July 27th, 2012 Posted in sermons | 3 Comments »

Check out this weekend’s TV program!
I talk about how you can change your life.
Our broadcast is seen internationally or you can watch it on demand at

Tonight at Harvest Orange County!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Posted in sermons | 1 Comment »

We all make hundreds of them each and every day.
Some are rather insignificant and mundane.
Other choices could alter the course of our lives.
We make our choices; and then our choices make us.
So let me ask you a question: Are you making wise spiritual choices?
The reason I ask this is because TONIGHT at Harvest Orange County I want to look at the lives of two men that are presented side by side in Scripture.
One, Abraham, by and large made the right choices in life. The other, Lot, make the wrong choices.
You will be amazed at what happened as a result.
This message is called “The Importance of Right Choices” and it is based on Genesis 13.
The service starts at 7:00 PM, Pacific.
There will also be music from my friend Dennis Agajanian!
So join us in person or watch it all live at

Join me for the Love Song Couples Getaway in Maui

Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Posted in travel | 1 Comment »

Have You Checked Out Our New TV Program?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 Posted in sermons | No Comments »

It is seen internationally every week.
It is seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the NRB network, as well as the Church Channel.
If you check local listings in your area, I’m sure you will find it.
Plus, it is available for you to watch anytime on demand.
To view our archives or watch the latest program, just go to

A Difficult Day for Us

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 Posted in sermons | 29 Comments »

Four years ago today our oldest son, Christopher, went to heaven.
Though this is one of those days that marks time, we miss him each and every day.
Here is something my wife Cathe wrote that sums up how I feel as well:

Four years ago today, at 9:01 am, my firstborn son Christopher left this world and was ushered in (as Elizabeth Elliot so beautifully put it) “Through Gates of Splendor.”
I struggle to find a way to express my four-year-old grief. It’s a burden that grows ever lighter…and ever heavier. Like Frodo’s ring, it is both treasured and dreaded.
Around his grave, under the olive tree, I’ve replanted flowers of fragrant lavender and rosemary.

Just recently, the oxidized lettering on the stone bench began to fade. We had it reapplied and darkened it again. (Greg chose the particular font Helvetica because it was a font Christopher liked.)

Last year, the little modern birdhouse and feeder Stella and Lucy hung in the olive tree mysteriously disappeared. Brittany replaced it.
The tree’s grown taller, wilder, and needs pruning each fall–a reminder of each passing season.

We are older. His precious children are taller, more beautiful, and full of personality and talent. His brother has a family, a wife, and just this month a third child. This one, a boy, is named in his honor.

Life continues, and every day, every day we miss him.
Looking back, and at where we are now, and the unusual things that the Lord has done, I am grateful…but not fully satisfied. What I want, and am certain I will have one day, is for a restoration of all things.

Harvest America Is Coming!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 Posted in sermons | 3 Comments »

Can you believe it?
There are only 34 days until Harvest America!

What is Harvest America?
It when we take our live evangelistic event at Angel Stadium and beam it around the United States to over 1,265 churches and other venues.

We have already been providing training for the participating churches to follow up on those who respond.

Harvest America will also be carried live on TV and many radio outlets. (More to come on that later.)

Harvest America is also being joined by three nationwide ministries: Lifeway, Global Media Outreach, and Navpress.

The event itself will be epic.

I will be joined by outstanding Christian artists MercyMe and Jeremy Camp.

I will be giving a straightforward presentation of the gospel and when the invitation is being extended at Angel Stadium, it will also be extended to every live venue as well–to every person watching.

So please, pray for America and pray for Harvest America!
For more information on this event, go to

What on Earth Is Happening?

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 Posted in sermons | 5 Comments »

A man walks into a crowded midnight showing of the new Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises” and opens fire.

Twelve people are killed, fifty-eight wounded, eleven critically. It is one of the deadliest mass shootings in in recent U.S. history. The shooter says to the police that he is “The Joker.”

What on earth is happening?

Continued violence erupts in the Middle East.

People are shot in the streets of Syria by their government.

Israelis going on vacation have their bus blown up.

A showdown between Iran and Israel seems inevitable.
What is happening here?

These are all signs of the times, reminding us that things are going to get worse on this earth before they get better. Signs of the times pointing to one thing: Antichrist is coming.

But I have good news!
Before Antichrist can emerge, Jesus Christ will come for His people.

This Sunday at Harvest I want to talk about these events and what is to come, in my message “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

You can join us live at either Harvest Riverside or Orange County.
It will all be webcast live at