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An interview about my son Christopher’s passing

July 22nd, 2009 Posted in encouragement, family, Harvest Crusades, Pastor's corner, stella

Hey everyone.

As you may know, this Friday, July 24, will mark the one-year anniversary of the passing of our firstborn son, Christopher, to heaven. I appreciate all of your prayers, and I plan on writing about this in a day or so.

Here is an interview that my son Jonathan and I recently did with Dan Wooding of the ASSIST News Service. It sums up where we are at during at this time in our lives.

The agony and joy of Greg Laurie

He talks about the tragic death of his son Christopher; his younger son, Jonathan, shares movingly about how he recommitted his life to Christ because of the death of his brother.

By Dan Wooding

Founder of ASSIST Ministries

SANTA ANA, CA (ANS) — Thursday, July 24, 2008 was the most devastating day of Greg Laurie’s life. The unimaginable happened when his son Christopher, 33, was killed in a tragic car accident on the 91 freeway on his way to work as art director of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, where Greg is the senior pastor.

Now, almost a year from the tragedy, Greg Laurie agreed to talk about his heartbreak and his younger son, Jonathan Laurie, revealed how the car accident that took his brother transformed his life – for good!

Both father and son came into the studios of Southern California’s KWVE 107.9 FM to talk with me for my Front Page Radio program.

I began by asking Greg to relive that terrible moment when he found out about the accident.

“It’s been almost a year now, Dan, and it was the most devastating experience of my life,” he said. “In fact, of all the bad experiences I’ve had — and I’ve had a few – none came even come close to what this was like. It’s the news no parent ever wants to hear you never expect to hear it.”

How did he first hear about the accident?

Greg said, “It was really strange the way I found out. My wife was leading a Bible study for Christopher’s wife Brittany and her mom. I was babysitting my granddaughter Stella. Brittany mentioned that she’d called Christopher and he’d not responded. Then I got a call from the church. They were asking, ‘Where’s Christopher?’

“So I called him and he didn’t answer; I then sent a text to him saying, ‘Where are you?’ Again, he didn’t answer. Then, from that point on, we started making calls to try and find out where he had gone. After about 45 minutes, we knew something was not right, we didn’t know what.

“Obviously we were praying; we were concerned and worried. Then, Don McClure, a pastor friend, showed up at my house and said, ‘Christopher’s been in an accident.” But he wouldn’t tell me the extent of it. I was told that some of the pastors from our church were going to come and talk to me. At this point I knew it was bad, but I was still hoping that it was not fatal.”

Greg said that when the pastors from his church arrived, one of them told him, “Christopher is with the Lord!”

Greg closed his eyes and told me, “When I heard that, it was like time stood still and the air was sucked out of the room. I couldn’t comprehend what I had just heard, and it really was, in many ways, incomprehensible. It was so hard.

“I have to say that although it was devastating and crushing, and I fell to the ground weeping, the Lord was there with me. I sensed His presence and His peace and I have never, for a moment, doubted that Christopher’s in heaven.”

I then asked Greg how his wife Cathe responded to the shocking news.

“She wept and she may have screamed. I don’t remember,” he said. “Brittany was crying also, as we all got the news at the same time. We were all crying. But we were also praying at the same time, saying things like, ‘Oh Lord, we look to you. We call on you.’”

Greg went on to say, “How could anyone survive such news if they didn’t know God? I can’t imagine trying to deal with this: without one’s faith in Christ; without the presence of the Lord; without Christian friends surrounding you and praying; knowing what to say and, hopefully, knowing what not to say,” he said. “We were surrounded by some wonderful godly people that helped us through those first few moments, those first few hours and the first few days.”

I told Greg that for anyone, this was so traumatic, but because he was so well-known in Southern California and across the world, this must have made it even more difficult to cope with. I wondered if he had thought about just giving up and retreating from the world for the time being.

“Well, you know one thinks about retreating but, really, you want to be around the people you love. You want to hear their words of reassurance,” said Greg. “I was surprised at how public it was, not only in the Christian community, but it was on the front page of the local newspaper with the headline, ‘Son of evangelist killed.’ To read those words in print, though you know it’s true, and see a photograph of your son — that was really painful.

“Then people were talking about it and it was on the radio and TV news. Of course, it was an auto accident, so it was a very horrific thing.”

Greg said that despite it all, it began changing his attitude to people.

“I gained a new compassion for people who have lost children,” he said. “When a celebrity dies, everyone talks about it and people opine on it. But, I’ll tell you that every one of these people that die have a mom and a dad and they have a family. It’s devastating for them. I looked at the way some people spoke about it — so matter of factly — and I had to say to myself, ‘You know, that’s my son they’re talking about.’

“But then there were many believers that said such sweet things. My blog site was inundated with messages. I had some 15,000 messages on my blog. I, frankly, have never read all of them, but I’ve read many of them and they were very comforting to me. I still go back to them and read them and they have encouraged me along with the prayers that people offered.

“Here it is, almost a year later, and I’d like to say its all better, Dan. I feel fantastic and you know there are moments when everything aligns in my mind and my heart. I think that Christopher’s in heaven and he’s happier than he’s ever been and that I’m going to see him again. It’s glorious and I have peace and even a bit of joy. Then, five minutes later, a memory is triggered by something and the pain of missing him comes right back.

“Last night, I had dreams about him again and in them I’m having conversations with him. Usually, in my dreams, I’m with him and then he’s suddenly gone. He disappears. In one dream I had, while I was talking to him, I reached out to and he disappeared. So you can’t stop your subconscious from processing these things. It is still very painful but the Lord has been with us. We have the Lord, we have our friends, we have our faith, we have our hope for the future of reunion, we have our memories of yesterday and we have today. And today, we want to try to the best of our ability to glorify God through this and try to minister to others who are hurting.

“I’ve come into contact with many people who have lost loved ones, especially children, who’ve reached out to me. When I meet someone who’s lost a child, I stop what I’m doing and I take time for them. I listen a lot more than I used to. I used to be quicker on the draw with a verse or two. I still will share verses and encouraging words, but I’m quicker to listen and slower to speak when someone comes and tells me of their pain.”

Sitting next to his father and listening intently to the interview, was Jonathan Laurie, Christopher’s younger brother. So I asked him where he was when he first heard the news about the accident.

“I was working for a plating aerospace company in Santa Ana when my foreman came over to me and asked me how I was doing,” he recalled. “At that point, I didn’t know what had happened to Christopher, but apparently it was already going around on the channels. I didn’t have my phone with me at the time so I hadn’t heard anything. He left me alone for a few minutes with a Christian police officer friend who I knew quite well and who was a Christian man and he said, ‘You need to go home to see your parents.’ That’s when I knew something had gone wrong. When I got access to my cell phone, that’s when I began receiving text messages and phone calls. I just refrained until I got home. Actually, Don McClure, the same person informed me that told my Dad. He said that my brother ‘was with the Lord.’

“I went into shock immediately. I couldn’t comprehend it, or believe it. It took me probably an hour or so for it to really start to click — that this actually happened. It was almost like I went into a dream state. It was so surreal.”

I asked Jonathan to recall the last time he saw his brother.

“My last vivid memory of him was last Fourth of July,” he said. “We were in Montana and it was probably one of the best family vacations that I can remember.

“We were quite distant in age but, as we grew older, that gap began to close. The older I became, the closer I grew to him. We grew as friends and brothers. He was always looking out for my best interests. He kept me accountable a number of times.

“He kept his eye on me. You may think that being raised in a pastor’s home would make us instant Christians and followers of Christ. You know we always did have that faith in Jesus and we always believed in Jesus, but there was a time when I rebelled and there was a time when Christopher rebelled.

“He knew where I was at as he’d lived a similar lifestyle. He was just kind of living as a ‘prodigal son’ running from his Christianity for a short time. But we both always wanted to end up back there. It was just a matter of what it was going to take.

“Up until the time that he went home to be with the Lord, he had actually been very encouraging of me: to get my life right; to quit living this double life; to stop partying and doing all that lifestyle entails. In fact, the night before his death, I was out with friends, doing the party thing; smoking and drinking. That night I really thought about how I wanted to go see my brother the next morning and talk to him about how miserable I was. I told had him previously that I wanted to get back there and he’d asked me, ‘Well, what it is going to take?’ That next morning, I got my answer. Christopher going home to be with the Lord was my wake up call.”

Jonathan went on to say, “When I got the news at home. I just sat on my bed and looked at pictures of him. After I began to comprehend what had happened, I just began to weep. Then I went through my room and just ravaged it, grabbing all the stuff I knew that was bringing me down. I held it all in my hands, prayed to the Lord, and I said, ‘God, you know that I’ve proven to you and myself that I’m incapable of doing this on my own. I can’t stop using this stuff on my own strength so you’re going to have to help me, but I want to do this.’

“He’s been faithful to do that since I prayed that prayer and He’s been faithful to help me stay clean. I’m walking with the Lord now and I know that I honor my brother’s advice. That’s the best thing I think I can do for Christopher in heaven.”

Greg Laurie was close to tears as his son told his story.

“It is a great blessing and I have to tell you, Dan, that Jonathan has shared this testimony all over in our crusades that we’ve held in different places this last year,” said Greg. “He’s stood up in front of thousands of people and Jonathan was never that kind of a person that would want to get in front of a crowd and talk. Some people like attention but he was never that way. He was more of a quiet, soft spoken, young man. But because of this thing that has happened to him and what the Lord has done in his life, he’s gotten up boldly.

“We were just in Pennsylvania at something called the Creation Festival, a Christian event that’s been going on for over 30 years. I was speaking and I brought Jonathan out to give his testimony. He gave it before 70,000 and I’ll tell you what — those kids started listening. When he talked about the compromised life, there are just a lot of kids raised in Christian homes who know what’s right, but aren’t living it, and they’re in that miserable no man’s land.

“When one of them, like Jonathan, speaks and talks about how the Lord’s gotten a hold of him, there’s an authenticity. Not that the adults don’t have it, but they think, ‘Well, you’re an adult.’ But when it’s a fellow kid, a peer speaks, it means so much more to them.

“This is one of the good things that have come of this tragedy. There’s still a lot of pain and there’s a lot of heartache, but God promise is to work ‘all things together for good’ is true. We have seen how the Lord has brought glory to his name through Jonathan’s testimony and also through Brittany, Christopher’s wife’s testimony. We’ve all felt a greater determination to serve the Lord with even more intensity than we had before.”

“I’ve determined not to put a happy face on it, meaning I want to be real. I want to be honest. I want to be truthful about the difficulty, but I also want to be honoring to the Lord and tell people how He’s sustained us through this and how I still depend upon Him every day to make it through.”

Greg then shared the good news, that late last year, Brittany gave birth to Lucy Christopher Laurie, who joins Stella, the other daughter.

“Stella is going on to her third birthday and if a father ever doted on a daughter it was Christopher,” he said. “He was a great daddy, but he did not live to see little Lucy born, at least on earth. One wonders what people know in heaven. I think it’s entirely possible that he’s fully aware of Lucy there in heaven. But he missed the birth here on earth. She’s growing and she’s just a sweetheart, one of the happiest little babies I’ve ever seen. They’re both just sweet hearts. I love them both.”

Greg is now preparing for his latest Harvest Crusade, which have drawn nearly 3 million people to ballparks and arenas across the Southland since 1990, and will mark 20 years in Southern California with its annual evangelistic outreach at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, August 14–16.

Shortly after Christopher’s death, Greg somehow preached each night at Angel Stadium last year surrounded on stage by the designs of Christopher.

“He was the lead designer in our graphics department at Harvest and he’d done the entire campaign,” he said. “So I stood on a stage that was designed by him, surrounded by art that he’d done. Even our crusade campaign this year is sort of built off the template of what he’d designed the year before.

“When I see his art around me, it inspires me. One thing Christopher uniquely implemented in the campaign last year was an animated arrow going up to heaven. There were these little arrows constantly going up and so we kept that arrow in a lot of the design that we’ve done because it just reminds us of where Christopher is and that we are to keep ‘looking up’. As the Scripture says, ‘We are to be heavenly minded. Set your minds on things above,’ Paul says in Colossians 3, ‘not on the things of the earth.” Another way to translate that is to keep thinking heaven. I think we all need to think more about heaven because we’re all headed there as followers of Jesus.”

82 Responses to “An interview about my son Christopher’s passing”

  1. Barbara says:

    I thank God for your ministry and the story of your son. May God continue to bless you and your family and your ministry. I rededicated my life through your website and love all your mailings. I share your daily email devo with 60 of my friends and family.

  2. Janet Coalter says:

    Makes me happy to read these replies and know that there are great numbers of soldiers for God marching to His word.

  3. Lesego Anastasia says:

    I thank God through your personal experience. As a young single mother raising 2 children alone I have hope in Christ that that when we plant a seed in faith, He sees it through. Your sons lived in your faith and you loved them both regardless of their differences. I love you for being a courageous parent and a beacon of light to your family. Charity begins at home. You are a great example. Sincere regards from South Africa

  4. Rosemary says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,
    My sincere condolences & prayers to you & your family. I have followed your story in the last 5years and have been praying for you and the entire family.My story is also a traggic, in a different way,but still the pain is so deep. My Father’s life was taken from him in the hands of my brother. It happen at my parents home on April 5th 2012. I did not think I would live pass all the trama we went through. The main thing was why?? We are a Christain family strong believing in God’s word in our life’s. It’s been one year and 8 month since this has happen and the one thing I stand on is God’s word and his faithfulness in my life. One day I pray when I’am ready God will use me to testify his work in my life and the true meaning of forgivness. There is still so much pain but at least now I can smile and remember that GOD is so tender and loving. I thank the Lord for what he has instore for me. I’am rebuilding and I thank GOD for his faithfulness and LOVE! Well keep praying for you and your family! GOD is GOOD!!And he is the lifter of our Heads! Thank you

  5. Denise says:

    Dear Pastor Greg & family,

    I pray that Gods hand comforts you daily after losing your precious son. I have lost many people in my family and feel heart broken daily for missing them is as you know the hardest part. The only thing that carries us through the days is that we know we will see them again in Heaven and that they are in the most wonderful place with the most wonderful Father ever. I ask if anybody is able to pray for my friend Deb who lost her son 3 years ago tomorrow. Her heart is broken and she is really in the struggle of grief. Please help her find her peace and that God comforts her this week. Thank you!

  6. Jenny Jane says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,
    My sincere condolences & prayers to you & your family.. My sister passed away in April 2009, from a brain aneurysm. She was 42 yrs old, and is survived by 3 children. She collapsed and died in our Mom’s arms. Prior to my sister’s death, our Dad was an extreme atheist, & he’d make fun of Christians.. But just one month after my sister passed (his 1st born), my Dad gave his life to The Lord on A Sunday Service.. Praise God! I hope & pray you and you’re loved ones are doing well, & thank you very much for the Mighty work you’re all doing for God’s Kingdom, @ Harvest Christian Fellowship! Attended the 9:30 & 11:30 am service, and saw Pastor Max Lucado preach! .. God bless you & yours always.. Amen .. (Phil.1:3)

  7. Pricilla says:

    Bro. Greg, to lose your family members is so hurting – no matter how strong you are. Hurt is hurt. I didn’t lose my 2 close cousins in crashes, but they both passed on the same day (my favorite cousins), one in Alabama who had heard about the cousin who has passed on that same date and the younger cousin had planned to drive his family to chicago from Alabama to attend the funeral of the older cousin. Needless to say, before the morning came in, the younger cousin (age 59) passed away too. Yes a shocker! 2 on the same day! Still miss them and they were not my children. They were favorite cousins. God be with you always (never leave us nor forsake us). HE loves you and your family!

  8. Christa Maletta says:

    Dear pastor Greg, please pray for me, I lost my son and I’m heart broken , cause I don’t know if he got right with the Lord before he went, he was raised with the Lord, but I didnt see any evidence of a relationship with the Lord in his adult life, I have one more son, and he is breaking my heart even more, I just went on facebook on his site and he has a bunch of buddha quotes on there, so I checked it out a little more and noticed that everything on his site ( 2 Years back) has to do with Buddhism . Looks like he is going to there meetings etc. I’m so heart broken. I raised both of my boys in the Lord, the Lord preformed miracles in Tony’s (my youngest sons) life when he was younger, how can he just dismiss those and turn his back on the Lord?

    • james says:

      Having 3 children of my own, I couldn’t fathom losing any one of them. They are my heart and soul and I thank the Lord everyday for letting me care for His children while their here on this earth. I’m deeply sorry for your loss for I have family members that have passed and, like you, do not know if they were right with the Lord. I just pray they were. As for your son, and his Buddhism, please don’t stop praying for him. The Lord will hear your prayers, and change his heart. He’s lost now to you,
      but not to Jesus. Please just keep praying, aand God will answer. God Bless you and your son.

  9. michael mccoy says:

    I have been living a life of sin. I have been living in the homosexual lifestyle. God has has been knocking at my door, and I always refused him. Until, recently when I had a moment to think about my life,and how I was leading a life ,that was empty and soulless. I decided to reach out to The Core church, here in west Los Angeles. I spoke with Ian(one of the elders, who prayed for me).I am coming to church this Sunday,and will rededicate my life to the lord. I am sorry for your loss. I lost two siblings to their addictions to drugs,and alcohol. They were not followers of christ. I can not say, that their in heaven. I know the lord loves me,and wants the very best for me.

    God Bless,
    Mike McCoy

    • Victoria says:

      Micheal, welcome back to the family of Christ! This is what the Good Lord is all about. He promises to give you a future and a hope and it’s amazing what the Lord is bringing you out of. This is your testimony and you will plant and water seeds in people’s lives that the Good Lord has specifically assigned just for you! Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. God bless you Micheal

  10. aljones says:

    Greetings Greg, I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this post but our stories are similar. I too lost my 34 yr. old son to a tragic car accident just 4 shorts months ago on May 3, 2012. I also got that call in desperation from my son’s wife saying he hadn’t show up for work and she couldn’t get in touch with him. He lost his life in a one car accident early that morning on I-65 in Mobile Ala. I was 4 hours away that morning when the call came that he was missing and no one had heard from him. As I raced toward his home God and I had a talk about the inevitable and I found peace in knowing that if indeed he had lost his life that he had gain his eternal life but the pain of not knowing in those few minutes of trying to make my way to I-10 east to get to Mobile was un-nerving. Finally the confirmation call came and my heart sank, he was indeed gone from the earth. That was on a Tuesday, we buried him on the following Sunday. My story changes now, as the word spread of the tragedy and the days crept by only 1 man of the many I knew showed up, non others. I had to call our Pastors and ask them to come over, my main concern being my youngest son. They came and stayed several hours the next evening. As the days passed no one except for a few ladies that my wife worked with made any appearance at our home, no one. As the weeks began to pass, still no one. Pain compounds pain, the devastating pain of losing my son compounded with the nonexistence of the people in my life still grinds into my soul to this day, We stayed away from our church for a time however God quicken my heart to go back, the only problem now – I just don’t care anymore – BUT I do know your pain of losing a son. My wife and I were given your daily devotion that we’re trying to use now and I’m finding it very helpful.

  11. Erika Murray says:

    Hi Pastor Greg, I attend Harvest riverside. I wanted to share that, I lost my brother last year in a accident similar to Christopher’s. I can relate the pain. I feel a bit of guilt in my heart because, last year was Harvest Crusade in Los Angeles and I supposed to take my brother. We spoke about it, I was so excited and mentioned to my other brother how fun and exciting it would be. August 13, 2012 I cant believe I forgot about us going. August 14, 2012 I lost my brother. I will never know if my brother would still be here if we would have gone. We should never wait for the last minute or put things on hold for the Lord. I pray that my brother is in Heaven, I pray that the Lord makes us stronger. We have minister our stories cause this could safe a soul. Thank you for being so inspiring, my prayers and love gose out to your family. I know even if it’s that day or 20 years later the pain is still the same.

  12. Tami says:

    Today I remember Christopher.

    Today I pray a special prayer for you Precious Pastor Greg, Cathe, Brittany, Jonathan, Stella, and Lucy.

    Today I thank Jesus for the empty tomb. Like a seed that has to die in order to bloom into something more amazing, is our life here on earth.

    “Yes, CHRISTOPHER BLOOMS IN HEAVEN, but we miss him Lord. Please heal our hurting hearts oh Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen”

  13. Carleen Galiardo says:

    Our 19 year old son, Christian, went to be with the Lord on Oct. 26th, 2011. What looked initially like a suicide, turned out to be fowl play and is still under investigation for the next 3 months. Our home was a center of loud worship for three days as we praised God and let satan know he does not have the victory. As he reminds us of our empty room, we remind him of the empty tomb! The Lord has indeed given us a heavy load to bear. satan is relentless in his attacks on our minds and hearts. The pain of loss is beyond comprehension, but many have come to know Christ because of this. Relationships have been restored. Christian played keyboard for our worship team at Calvary Chapel, St. Pete, went on 4 missions trips, and loved the Lord, and his girlfriend, Anna. He was so excited about donating all his money he earned at Chik-fil-a to the various causes at the Passion Conference in Atlanta this year. We believe he was killed while ministering to someone. God is calling us to trust Him. It’s amazing all He did (in hind-sight) to prepare us, and how He is using this for His glory. I know God knows how we feel. He could have saved His Son, but He didn’t, for our sakes. We tried to save our son, but couldn’t. We praise God that He is using this horrible tragedy for His eternal purposes. We praise Him for loving us, and loving Christian. Most of all, we praise Him that we are one day closer to being reunited with our precious son. Come soon, Lord Jesus. Come soon. Please pray for us: Ray, Carleen, Stephen (17), and Robert (15), as we learn to walk this out, day by day, in a way that gives God glory.

  14. Bertie says:

    bro. Greg. i know how you,re hurting, i lost my sister, my brother and my dad , all—in a 3 year span,i always think this, they are in a better ,place than I. but oh it hurts , the loneliness, i,m praying for you .god bless, Bertie

  15. Sandra says:

    My 20 year old son was killed on October 2, 2009 – today is November 18 and I am having such a hard time dealing with this. it hurts so much. I am a Christian and my son accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior earlier this year. He came back home in July and though he slipped back into his old ways the few weeks before he died he was excited to be doing the right thing, going to his programs, taking care of his two children and starting a new job. Our relationship was going back to normal and then he died. I have two other children (23 & 13) but this is so hard. I feel so weak, I just want to disappear, I cry to God all the time even if outside I look fine. I tremble while I work, I zone out. I just don’t know who I can live like this. I search the internet and bible and other sources for anything that will give me hope and yet I still hurt so much.

  16. Debbie says:

    Dear Greg,
    On Tuesday, my husband and I will have been married 25 years. During this time, we have become Christians together, had two children together, endured a separation, and gotten back together and had another child. All three children were boys, Danny, David, and Dallas. In 1994, when Dallas was 2, we learned that he had a cancerous brain tumor. He passed six months later. I know that he is alive and with God. That was 14 years ago. I remember spending the next 8 months setting by his grave and reading the Bible, just asking God, you show me what page to read. Even though this was probably the worst time in my life, I never felt so close to God setting by myself reading the Good News. Of course, we went through the period of asking those questions of “Why my child?”. It seems I guess, that I see how mothers and fathers react differently to this type of situation, (losing a child).
    I looked at my other two children after finding out this news, and told my self that “I can’t fall apart, I have a 4 and 6 year old to take care of also”, let alone having a full-time teaching job.
    Anyway, after listening to you and having all three children dedicated by you, I realized that the best thing to do, is to keep my promises as a Christian to teach my other two children about the Bible. It was so very hard on them also. Although, being so young at the time, they didn’t really understand what was going on. Now they are 22 and 21 years old. They are both working and going to college full-time. I am so very proud of them. It seems there wasn’t a day in the last 14 years that I didn’t think about what Dallas would look like at a certain age, or if he was interested in sports like his brothers were. All I know now that he is helping the Lord build those rooms for the rest of us.
    I really appreciate your sermons on “Heaven” these past few weeks. It seems easier to take although we might not agree with what has happened. Knowing that I will see Dallas again, seems to ease my pain to where I can take my eyes off of my own needs to try to listen to others and what they need. Each year since, I have told my parents at Back-to-School night about losing a child, so they don’t think that I wouldn’t understand any problems that they might be having with anything if they chose to talk to me.
    Thank You Greg for doing what you do. It helps me tremendously,
    God Bless,

  17. Pastor Greg says:

    My prayers go out to you and your family. I also know the pain of losing a child. Even though mine was a newborn and I didn’t have the many years you had with your beloved Christopher I loved my Adam with all my heart. As I grieved following my loss I received a wonderful booklet that was written my Dr. J.Vernon Mcgee titled Death of a Little Child. It was a wonderful gift that helped to not turn away from Our Lord.
    You might consider this booklet when you share with parents that have lost a child.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Laurie, I have been listening to you for the last 6 months. I had no idea that I would need to hear the things you were saying. But, this friday, some dear friends of mine are buryin their first born son, who also died in a car accident. He was 20. Your honesty and openness on your grief and what helped and what didn’t help you get through this time, has helped me in trying to comfort my friends. I am so sorry for your loss. Even though this is not how you would want to be known, you are providing a wonderful ministry, and God is making good come out of this tragedy. I pray that God is comforting you and blessing you with His spirit.

  19. son and husband died by their own hand says:

    I have lost 2 sons and a husband and two grandchildren miscarried. I have one son living of my 3. One died at birth and my husband took his life just months after coming to Christ and failing at rehab. My 21 year old son shot himself ten months later. He had served in missions and loved the Lord passionately and I don’t know the whys of it yet 8 years later.

    I have been a believer since 1975 so it rocked my world and because the latter two were suicides and even the birth defect, people looked at me much as Job’s friends did, what was I doing wrong. I do not have that flawless testimony. I was rocked and shaken as never before but God wooed me back. I am stronger today than ever and thank the Lord for his Mercy~Compassion~Messages of Trusting that he has them. I have also learned a different way to minister to others in their grief. Thank you for the message of your experiences in this. It is helpful to know for those going through it and hopeful as well. juanita

  20. Thank You for Continuing! says:

    Your crusades, radio broadcasts and devotionals have touched so many lives because you have been obedient to God. In the most painful moments of your life you have remained obedient to His calling.
    No matter the critics, as you continue in your walk and obedience to God’s calling on your life, He will bring it to pass.
    God says; “My word that goes forth out of my mouth shall not return void but will accomplish what I please.”
    Thank you Pastor Greg for preaching that word.

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