Christmas Story for Kids

I recently shared the Christmas story with my grandkids. Please share this with your kids and grandkids this week. Merry Christmas!

Don’t Miss Christmas!

In the madness of the Christmas season, we can actually miss Christmas. You might say, “It is not possible to miss Christmas. My Sunday newspaper weighs in at about 30 pounds because it is stuffed with ads. The television reminds me. The radio reminds me. Those obnoxious pop-up ads on my electronic devices remind me.” Even so, we can completely miss the point. We can attend endless plays and all kinds of parties. We can go to the malls and . . . read more ›

A “Messed Up” Family Tree

It has become very popular to look into your genealogy. I have a friend who is really into this, and for a while, every time I saw him he had a new discovery about his heritage. Of course, most of us would like to think we are related to someone important, like a member of a royal family, a celebrity, some great intellect, or a hero from American history. But what if you were researching your family tree and discovered . . . read more ›

The Real Message of Christmas

As we are all engaged now in the pressures and busyness of Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to think back on what happened on that first “Silent Night.” Along with every other aspect of Christmas, we have romanticized the story of Christ’s birth. We envision a scene in which he is draped in fine satin while a smiling Joseph and Mary look on. Everyone has a halo, including the animals. The fact of the matter is . . . read more ›