Forgiven People should be Forgiving People.

A Sunday School teacher was talking to her class about forgiveness. She asked her students what a person needs to do to receive forgiveness from God. There was a moment of silence, and then a little boy raised his hand and said, “You have to sin.” That is true. You have to sin. And all of us qualify. We sin more often than we realize. So yes, we have to ask God to forgive us. Most Christians understand that God . . . read more ›

How to be a World Changer

Sometimes the most amazing accomplishments come from the least likely people. Take, for example, the story of how the Oxford English Dictionary came about. In 1879 Dr. James Murray was commissioned to compile a dictionary that was to contain every word in the English language, so Murray invited scholars and literary professionals from around the world to participate. Many people offered their services, including someone known as Dr. William Minor. He was well qualified, so Dr. Murray brought him into . . . read more ›

Beauty and the Beast . . . The Real Story

No, this is not an article about the controversy surrounding the new Disney live-action film Beauty and the Beast. That’s just a movie. This is about the real story. Not the story of Christians vs. Hollywood. Nor the story of conservatives vs. liberals. This is the story of good vs. evil—God vs. Satan. It’s the story of the real Beauty and the Beast. First, let me address the Beast. The Bible tells us that a charismatic, cunning, persuasive figure will . . . read more ›

The 3 “C’s” of Life

I don’t know about you, but when I pull up to a take-out restaurant, sometimes I am overwhelmed by too many choices. Then there is the pressure of the people behind you who are waiting to order. There are so many decisions to make. But those decisions won’t matter a lot unless you eat too much and pay for it later. Every day we are faced with every kind of choice imaginable: What am I going to eat for breakfast? . . . read more ›

2017 – The Year of Good News!

#YearofGoodNews I have written a letter that I have asked a lot of my friends to sign. It is a declaration to make 2017 “The Year of Good News.” Franklin Graham was the first to get the word out. Will you join him and sign as well at The Year of Good News In a time of bad news, distracting news, divisive news, disorderly news, and, sometimes, depressing news we—as Christians and as leaders—want to recommit ourselves to making . . . read more ›