How to Pray when Things Get Hard

Do you remember the first time you ever prayed? Maybe it was when you were a little child, or maybe it’s something you have just started to do recently. Maybe you have been praying lately, and it seems as though all you hear from Heaven is the answer no. Sometimes people say that God never answers their prayers, but he answers prayer in three ways: Yes, no, and wait. When God says no, we think he didn’t answer our prayers, . . . read more ›

Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination

I stand in support of President Trump nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Last week, I stood in support of the thousands upon thousands of people meeting and standing for life in Washington as I wrote these words on Facebook alongside a picture of myself and my mom: “Life begins at conception, and every unborn baby has a right to live. I myself was conceived out of wedlock, so this is personal for me. I am thankful that . . . read more ›

This Morning’s Prayer

Here is the prayer that I prayed at this morning’s national prayer service: Our Father in Heaven and God of compassion, Our prayer today is that You would be near to all who call upon Your name, that is the name above every name. We pray that, in their daily life and work and service—in whatever form of service they are engaged in—that they would be devoted to our nation. Almighty God, our heavenly Father, we commend to Your gracious . . . read more ›

Inauguration Day

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day for President-Elect Donald Trump. What will the future hold? How will his presidency impact our faith and our freedoms as Christians? How should we pray for both the president and the United States? Those are great questions. Recently, Dr. James Dobson and I sat down to talk a little about our country’s future and the importance of the family in America. We also discussed Dr. Dobson’s role as advisor for past presidents, and the fact that . . . read more ›

How To Make This Year Count.

A new year is a great time to reflect on the previous year and think about the year ahead. It’s a great time to evaluate how we’re doing and where we’re going. For some of us, this year may be the last. So we want to make sure we’re living our lives the way they ought to be lived. A writer named Michael Josephson had said this to say about the passing of human life: “Ready or not, some day . . . read more ›