Happy Father’s Day

In my opinion, a godly father is nothing short of a hero. But by and large, they are undervalued and unappreciated for the epic influence they have on family, society, and the church. For Father’s Day, I wanted to share a new e-book with you that I’ve written on this topic. It’s called Unsung Hero. And to all of those great Christian dads out there who are running the race and keeping the faith, let me say on behalf of . . . read more ›

I’m happy to announce a new partnership with the SBC, focused on bringing the Good News to our country and the world!

GREG LAURIE AND HARVEST CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP TO JOIN THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Greg Laurie, founding pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, has announced that Harvest Christian Fellowship will join the Southern Baptist Convention: “Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus told his disciples to take the Good News of the gospel to the entire world. I believe we are the first generation that can actually accomplish that task. Because of today’s technology, we have more opportunities . . . read more ›

Even ‘Good Things’ can be Idols.

As the result of a diving accident left her a quadriplegic at age 17, my friend Joni Eareckson Tada has spent the last five decades in a wheelchair. Yet she wrote these amazing words about her tragedy: “My wheelchair was the key to seeing all this happen – especially since God’s power always shows up best in weakness. So here I sit … glad that I have not been healed on the outside, but glad that I have been healed . . . read more ›

Get the first chapter of my new book here!

By the world’s standards, acting legend Steve McQueen had it all. But it wasn’t until he placed his faith in Jesus that he found the ultimate source of satisfaction. In this new book, I tell the little-known story of McQueen’s encounter with Christ. Download the first chapter of Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon here » If you’d like the full book, it’s available now for a donation to Harvest Ministries this month. To get multiple copies, check . . . read more ›

Why I wrote a book about Steve McQueen.

Here is the introduction to my new book on Steve McQueen. Enjoy! INTRODUCTION A popular men’s magazine recently posed one of the most intriguing pop culture questions of all time: “Who was cooler: Steve McQueen or James Dean?” The question topped a mano a mano examination of the lives and careers of both iconic actors that rated them in a whole gamut of categories, from fashion and style sense to roguish masculinity to career accomplishments. Dean was rightly celebrated as . . . read more ›